четвртак, 14. јун 2018.



...About DOGSO, you know, almost two years rules have been changed. The change is about the fouls inside the area and not outside. We still have the possibility to show RC inside the area when the challenge is not targeted on the ball: pushing, holding.... this remains RC. Referees and teams have that very clear." Simulations this time will be IMPOSSIBLE to miss. We will take the needed time to take decisions, no doubts that all situations will be punished. There is a way to discuss with referee, if a player will face the referee in not appropriate manner, he will be surely booked…Next topic, VAR. We have here Roberto Rosetti, VAR specialist, he worked for us in the last two years, from 2016. We are ready, referees are ready to take very important decisions in cooperation with VAR. Big support from VAR. We played football before it, and we committed many mistakes. Some situations are really difficult and now we can say that technology can support / prevent such situations. Intervention by VAR is not a final decision, referee can have a look to video, before communicating what he has seen and assessed on the pitch. This can change the history, especially when situations are clearly black and white ones. It is important to understand the concept of "black and white" situations. Offside is a very diffcult topic, for this reason we committed many evident mistakes in recent times. Now, technology is the big help. Imagine in this World Cup a team wins 1-0 with an offside goal: you will not accept that... now this has been solved. Incredible mistakes by assistant referees will not happen. You will discover the offside and punish it…”

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